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Business Cards

buffalo printing service business cards

Buffalo Press, buffalo printers, color copies, business cards, brochuresBusiness Cards are an efficient and cost effective form of advertising. They allow clients to have your name, logo, and contact information right at their finger tips.

When leaving the house, business cards are a necessity. Although they are small in size, they carry a big message. Business cards can represent trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability.They are a token of remembrance and without one you are putting your business at stake. With creative design and text, potential clients will be sure to hold onto it and maybe even pass it along.

Proper business card etiquette suggests that when you give a business card, you should take one. Caution: Don’t put it directly in your pocket. Take a second to glance it over to show you are interested. The potential client will likely do the same with yours after the example is set.

Lastly, be liberal when handing out your card. Start by giving some to family and friends. They are likely to pass it off to someone else if the chance arises.

At Buffalo Press, Inc. we offer quality printed materials for any business, big and small, to deliver great quality and fast service at a fair price.