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Uncle Ken Says

Things To Think About

Uncle Ken says: Keep the heart softer than the head. Everyone smiles in the same language. More flexible leads to less bent out of shape. One thing money can’t buy is what it used to. Good and bad judgement =…
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Don’t Despair

Buffalo Press Inc, Buffalo Printers

Uncle Ken says: You have enough things to worry about. We all do. If printing is one of them, don’t despair. Hold your head high, put on your best smile, and call us with confidence in your voice. We are…
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Let Us Be YOUR Printer

Uncle Ken says: Stuck behind the business eight ball? We have a five word solution. Let us be your printer. It’s easy, simple, realistic, economical, efficient, smart, logical, sensible, trouble free, time saving, and shows you have outstanding judgement. Your shot.…
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Quality Printed Marketing Materials

Uncle Ken says: Want a good return on your investment?  Nothing shows the kind of image you want better than your printed materials. We keep that in mind whenever we start the presses. The better we make you look, the…
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No Sign Of Slowing

Uncle Ken says: It keeps getting bigger and bigger. Where it stops nobody knows. (The number of times satisfied customers keep coming back to Buffalo Press) With your next order we will be somewhere in the area of Astronomical +1 and…
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Painless Printing

Uncle Ken says: Economic studies usually reveal that the best time to buy anything is last year. With that in mind we have searched high and low for economies to keep our prices at the lowest reasonable level . Our goal…
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You Are Not Alone

Uncle Ken says: Things to remember! Humanity has experienced deadly things many times. Wars, plagues, weather events, tyrants, you name it. They get some of us but don’t last forever. Even the most devastated areas usually are rebuilt. Modern versions…
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It’s Spring!

Buffalo Press, local printers

Uncle Ken says: It’s Spring! You can see a rainbow if you look through the rain. A long walk is a good remedy for a short winter temper. Learn from mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make…
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Our #1 Goal Is Satisfaction

Uncle Ken says: When you give us a job the odds of perfect results are definitely in your favor.  Our number one goal is your satisfaction.  If a wintery attitude toward customers affects your choice we are the right place.…
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In 2020, Make It Happen

Uncle Ken says: Buffalo Press thoughts for the Christmas season. Make kindness what goes around and comes around. Look for human value. An optimist invented the airplane. A pessimist invented the parachute. Only try to get even with those who…
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